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Which multihulls will you find in our boat park this year?

Have you ever wondered exactly how many boats we have in the Wildwind boat park all rigged and looking out over Vassiliki Bay? It’s a question we’re often asked. Well, we have 70 and for the catamaran addicts please see below the breakdown of the 25 multihulls in the fleet.

Spoilt for choice
With so many different boats to choose from - all with their different strengths in different conditions: which will you select to launch? It’s a pleasant dilemma for any sailor to have.

To help with this conundrum please take a look at Wildwind and Joyrider TV’s maestro Joe Bennett taking you through each of the catamarans that are waiting expectantly on the beach for you to grab a buoyancy aid and trapeze harness, strap in and launch to fly across Vassiliki Bay.

5 crispy new sails
The catamarans are proudly sporting the smart 35 new sails we have in this season. We know our clients well and crispy new sails are a must to get the most out of those new techniques and manoeuvres during your holiday with us.

Our fleet specs to help you decide which to launch
Here’s a quick summary of the 25 catamarans waiting for you on the beach:

1 x Goodall C2 - F18 high performance cat. 18’ long, 2.6 metres wide, inverted shape hulls, double trapeze, high aspect foils, dagger boards, high aspect deck sweeper 17 sq m main sail, 4.15 sq m jib and 21 sq m spinnaker. Capacity 240 kgs. Weight: 180 kgs.

1 x Tornado - Former Olympic 20ft catamaran. 20 ‘long, 3.08 metres wide, double trapeze, dagger boards, 16.6 sq m high aspect main sail, 5.33 sq m jib and 25 sq m asymmetric spinnaker. Capacity: ask a gold medalist! Weight 155 kgs.

6 x Hobie Tiger - Advanced ISAF internationally recognised F18 catamaran. 18’ long, 2.6 metres wide, double trapeze, dagger boards, high aspect 17 sq m main sail, 4.15 sq m jib and 21 sq m spinnaker. Capacity: 240 kgs. Weight 180 kgs.

3 x Hobie Pacific - 18 foot beach cat, ideal for cruising or stepping stone to the Tiger. 18’ long, 2.6 meters wide, double trapeze, skeg hulls, 15,5 sq m main sail,4.15 sq m jib. Capacity 240 kgs. Weight: 185 kgs.

3 x Hobie FX One - High performance 17 foot single-hander racing catamaran. 17’ long, 2.51 metres wide, lightweight hulls, single trapeze, dagger boards, high aspect 16 sq m main sail, asymmetric 17.42 sq m spinnaker. Capacity: 135 kgs. Weight: 154 kgs.

7 x Hobie 16 LE Race - Classic beach cat that you can take out in just about any wind. 16’ 9’’ long, 2.41 metres wide, low volume asymmetric hulls, double trapeze, 13.77 sq m main sail, jib 5.12 sq m. Capacity 240 kgs. Weight: 145 kgs.

2 x Hobie 15 Turbo - Great learning boat with lots of volume, making it very forgiving. 16’ 4” long, 2.26 metres wide, high volume deep skeg hulls, double trapeze, no boom, main sail 11.5 sq m jib 3 sq m. Capacity 320 kgs. Weight:155 kgs.

1 x Hobie 14 LE Turbo - The original Hobie that’s stood the test of time and possibly the most difficult boat to sail that we have in the whole boat park. 12’ long, 2.34 metres wide, asymmetric hulls, single trapeze, 10.46 sq m main sail. Capacity 109 kgs. Weight: 109 kgs.

1 x Hobie Dragoon - 13ft friendly single-hander/kids boat that is a great introduction to cat sailing. 12’ 8” long, 2.2 metres wide,Main 9.5 sq m jib 2.20 sq m, double trapeze. Capacity 240 kgs. Weight: 114 kgs.


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