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Challenge yourself this summer – it’s good for your Health!

“Scientists have discovered that humans have something they call a “blue mind.” This means that our brains are hardwired to react positively to water. Watching the ocean, listening to the ocean, or being in the ocean, gives the brain a rest from overstimulation. Our brains do not shut down, they simply adjust how they  are working, giving them a much-needed break… Often followed by the release of the happiness chemicals – dopamine and serotonin.” 

-Wise and Well blog, 2017 

The number of holiday-makers that are seeking active and sporting holidays is growing year on year and there is no greater way to de-stress than to absorb yourself completely in a sport… and one of the best sports to lose yourself in - is of course sailing… (well we would say that wouldn’t we?)

We recognise that there is something really special about a sport that has almost equal demands on your  physical and mental abilities.   A sport that you never seem to conquer, no matter how long you have been doing it for, and  a sport where  every time you go out  on the water  the experience is completely different. 

In  a world where technology is now competing with all sports for our attention, it is important that we continue to participate in outdoor sports like sailing.    After all, who can say that their fondest childhood memories are of playing on a computer game?

It has been scientifically proven that outdoor activities carried out on the water are excellent at combatting the modern scourge of stress and depression.

Yet increasingly as a population, we shy away from trying new hobbies especially as we get older. “The average UK adult hasn't tried a new active hobby in five and a half years despite 80% feeling positive effects on their wellbeing when they do.” PA Life 2017

Challenging yourself is important and it is good for both the body and the brain. Whatever our age, we experience the same feelings of pride, confidence and excitement when we try new things so we really should try to recapture that childlike feeling of “I did it” whenever possible.

If you would like to challenge yourself and learn something new on your holiday, then whatever your sailing experience we can help.

Even if you have never stepped on a sailing boat before we will get you out on the water and build your confidence in the light-wind of the Vassiliki mornings. If you are a seasoned racer looking to perfect your racing technique, then our staff have a wealth of racing knowledge that they are keen to pass on.

Whether your passion is for mono-or multi-hulls we have the experienced staff ready to train you and help you to improve your skills. Children too have plenty to keep them busy with a choice of sailing courses from beginners to experts and the chance to make new friends.

here are 18 possible RYA* courses that you can take on your Wildwind Holiday and all of them are included in the price of the holiday.

You can even take on an RYA ‘First Flight’ Course and learn how to foil on a dinghy - an experience like nothing else!

“My husband threw himself into the windsurfing, diving, paddleboarding, etc. My elder daughter mastered the 29er, my younger improved her confidence in the kid's club. I planned to relax with the occasional sail, but discovered the RS200 and cross-wind!”

-Sally Campbell, Marketing Consultant.

“A really great holiday! The sailing, instructors, facilities, location...all absolutely top drawer. And I achieved what I went out there for too, RYA Multihull Level 1... Probably time now to join a sailing club before returning next summer for Level 2 and beyond.”

-Paul Farrar.

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